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Glen Meadmore is a queer, Christian, Caucasian Canadian who sings country and western tunes, and his new album, Hot, Horny & Born Again -- released on San Francisco based label Pervertidora Records -- is a homey ration of steaming cow-spunky toe-tappers that will have you rollin? around like a city pig in slop. Songs like ?Glory Hole,? ?Blow Me,? and ?Let Me Turn You Out? demonstrate that most of Meadmore?s C-adjectives take a back seat to Comedy and down-home Caterwauling. Especially ?Yonder Over There,? which begins: ?Friends, I was once one of those desperate and bitter queens haunting tearooms and sex clubs looking for someone who would just love me, and I found him, and you know what? If God can save a nellie ass old queen like me, just think what he can do for you.? RSS Feed what is XML?

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